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Do I Need Purple Shampoo?

It's SUMMER TIME and se all want our highlights as bright as possible right???

I've had clients come to me complaining about incessantly using purple shampoo and it not helping her brassy hair. Well, let me explain why.

First, all purple shampoos are not created equal. Some are more gentle and barely touch the hair when it comes to kicking the brass and actually toning your hair, others are strong enough to turn your hair purple if you let it sit too long.

Second, there's a difference between brassy and yellow! Brassy is usually considered a more orange color, like the actual metal. What we learn in cosmetology school is how to counteract tone. Purple counteracts yellow, blue counteracts orange.

So...if your hair has an orangey hue, most likely, purple shampoo won't work. Because purple doesn't solve an orange problem. Blue does. But blue shampoo isn't easily accessible and often times aren't going to cut it. If you are Bronde or Brunette, most of the time these shampoos are not strong enough. If your hair is actually brassy, it needs to either be colored professionally, or lifted out with lightener then filled with the correct tones to achieve your desired result.

Yellow hair can be helped with purple shampoo, but sometimes even that isn't enough. Hard water and other outside elements cause build up on the hair that also needs to be lifted out. I recommend using a COLOR SAFE clarifying shampoo first to lift out any build up, then use a purple shampoo. BUT sometimes shampoo and toners just aren't enough :)

But that's what you have me for, right?

Click the links below for some of my fave products to help with this problem!

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dpHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo

dpHUE Cool Brunette Shampoo

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IGK Hair Hot Girls Hydrating Shampoo

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IGK Hair Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops

IGK Hair Mixed Feelings Leave-In Brunette Toning Drops

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