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Find your fire!

Have you ever entered a situation completely terrified, not knowing what to expect, or feeling like you don't belong? But then, you leave there feeling more known, valued, and sure of yourself?

This is exactly what happened for me last weekend in Irvine, CA.

In the Spring of 2019 I joined a business group called Thrivers Society. This group is led by one of the most inspiring, real, brilliant, and badass women I've known. She not only knows her shit, but wants all of us to know it as well....not just know it, to implement it, and crush it!

Britt Seva, my business coach, brought 450 Thrivers together at Thrivers Live 2020 last weekend and it was absolutely electric! 450 entrepreneurs who all had the same mindset, the same goals, and the same fears. It pushed us all to get real vulnerable real quick! All of us have chosen to invest in our businesses and ourselves. We push out of our comfort zones to make connections because that's the only way to truly know, and be known.

We spent hours listening to some amazing speakers sharing their knowledge of finance, social media, organization, manifesting and goal setting, and lastly, making connections. The connections I made last weekend were priceless. I bonded with women from Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, California, and North Carolina. Powerful women who have completely different lives from my own, but we still connected over our drive, our hearts, and our hustle.

I know myself enough to know that I need a tribe, I need support, I need to be pushed.

If you feel the same, own it. Seek out those who can provide that for you. Seek out environments you can thrive in. Don't, for one second, stay surrounded by people or places that don't foster your growth. You have to create your own suport. Nobody is going to come along and pick you up and carry you. Hunt it down and hold on to it for dear life. You will find magic there...You will find sparks, and you will find YOUR fire!

Leave a comment below telling me where you find your fire. Where is your support? Where are you pushed and inspired?

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