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Kick Start Your Healthy Hair Journey

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Here are a few helpful hints to get your hair to its healthiest state!

Did you know? T3’s curling, waving, and straightening tools all feature a custom blend ceramic coating designed to keep hair healthy and strong.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to have high quality Heat Styling Tools!!

The very first thing that is going to cause damage to your hair is heat, yet using heat on our hair is inevitable right? Of course, we all need to use heat! So why not start there, as a first step in taking the best care of your hair?

This is why I love the T3 Micro products. I use these tools every single day in my salon because I believe in what they can do for your hair. I trust them!

I remember the first time I used the T3 Cura Dryer on my own!! Huge difference in drying time, and my hair felt so soft and smooth. This is because the negative ions produced by the dryer actively laid down the cuticle of my hair. Because the cuticle has been smoothed down, it will keep my hair protected from the elements, less frizz, and hold style longer. Who doesn't want that?


Let's Start with the Curling Irons, Wands, and Straighteners.

Each of the barrels or plates on T3 curling and straightening tools have a custom blend ceramic coating that emits negative ions designed to impart shine and reduce frizz.

So how does it work? When the plates, barrels, or wands heat up, their surfaces emit negative ions (the same ones found in the T3 dryers!). These uber-helpful negative ions help seal the hair cuticle, eliminating frizz and static. Negative ions allow your hair to retain helpful moisture, preventing that super-dry feeling and strands that look a little too much like straw for my comfort, maintaining healthy hair. In addition to healthier hair, T3 tools create super shiny, long-lasting curly, wavy, or straight styles so you won’t need to touch up your curls between work and happy hour.

Experience these ceramic coated tools for yourself, they are sold here at Volition Hair Co.


Next, let's talk about your Blow Dryer.

Ladies, don't lie, I know some of you still might have your blow dryer you bought years ago at Target...why throw it out? It sill works! I'll tell you why! After time, lower quality blow dryers can start to surge. That's right, heat surges, straight onto your hair. Older, lower quality dryers, can literally burn your the least they are making it dry feeling and frizzy.

Let me introduce you to the T3 Cura Blow Dryer. She's a beauty! Besides the gorgeous White and Rose Gold aesthetic of the T3 tools, this Blow Dryer will blow your mind! As I stated before, I use my T3 dryer every day behind the chair, and I have one at home. Its the only Blow Dryer I will use on my hair.

The T3 Cura Blow Dryer provides more air for faster drying. A wider airflow dries hair evenly and quickly. It has digitally controlled heating for more precise heat management, therefore no surges! Lastly, those negative ions! The T3 Cura Blow Dryer has a built-in Ion Generator that helps smooth the hair cuticle for soft, frizz-free results.


Beauty also happens in the shower. Start your beauty routine with the Redox process found in the T3 Source Showerheads.

Now I know I have quite a few clients who are on well water at their homes and don't always get the purest of water in their showers, which means all these minerals are going straight into their hair and building up. Or you might have tons of chemicals going into your water, which is why you probably don't drink straight out of your faucet....then why are you ok bathing in it?

Problem solved! Both the T3 Source Showerhead (available at Volition Hair Co.) and the T3 Source Hand Held utilize a process called “Redox”*, a way of filtering out unwanted chemicals and minerals. Kickstart your healthy haircare routine in the shower before you go anywhere near styling products or tools.

Why is filtering shower water important? Free chlorine can cause hair to frizz and reduce shine – who wants that?! The Redox process begins with a mineral filter inside the shower head containing a mixture of calcium sulfide, zinc, and copper. These minerals work together to act like your email spam folder. They get rid of all the junk you don’t need in your life (or hair).

This mineral mixture also helps remove that gross rotten egg smell, iron oxides from rusty water, dirt, sediments, and other odors from your water.

In order to continue to get the best experience with your Source, be sure to replace the filter every six months, or 3-4 months with the handheld. Be sure to add it to your calendar so you won’t forget to make the change. You never want to be without clean, pure water. Your hair will thank you for investing in it too, it’ll be shinier and frizz-free. If you are an Extension Gal your hair will last longer.

Bonus: By eliminating minerals found in hard water and chlorine, you will have less color fading. Keep that color you invested in looking fresh!


OK, now that you all think I work for T3 Micro, let me just say this...

I know that you, as guests, come to my salon and expect me to use high quality tools and products on your hair. This is why I do my research. T3 delivers the care for your hair you and I both expect, and it is outright beautiful! Since I use high quality tools on your hair once every 6-8 weeks, wouldn't you want to use those same tools every other day?

Like I said before, we make these tools available to you at Volition Hair Co. because we fully care about your hair and want you to use the best, in order to protect your investment. This is also why we offer these tools at a reduced price....we want you to use them!

If your hair isn't healthy, neither of us look good!

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