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Mid Year Check-In

FYI: 2019 is almost half way OVER! (Pause for gasp, gulp, or WTF?!)

So, it's June, and what do we have to show for it? Have you set goals? Crushed them? Ignored them? Still grinding to achieve them? Whatever the case, know that there is still time! Still time to accomplish what we set out to do in January 2019, still time to get started with those goals, or time to abandon those goals and set NEW ones!

In January I set some goals of my own. I got certified and started offering Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. I joined Thrivers Society, which is an amazing business coaching program, to help build my business and my future. I committed to really focusing on assembling a career I can be proud of, and that I can really thrive in every day. And I decided whole heartedly that I want to be my best self so I can offer my best to my family, friends, and clients. Have I crushed all of those goals? Ummmmmm NOT YET! Am I still working every day toward them? Oh yeah!! So today, I did a mid year check-in. I followed these steps to get back on track and end the year strong. If you're not sure how to execute your own mid year check-in, here's a little road map.

1. Evaluate Your Progress: What have you accomplished this year? What have you slacked off on? What goals did you set that you’re really focusing on? What goals did you set that you haven’t made enough progress on yet? Ask yourself these questions to better understand what you’ve achieved this year and what you need to focus on to finish the year off right. By acknowledging your wins so far, you are building yourself up for the final stretch.

2. Weed Out the Unnecessary: Sometimes we set waaaay too many goals for ourselves and get a little overly ambitions. Also, sometimes we set goals that no longer actually apply half way through our year. A mid year check-in is a great way to weed out the unnecessary and really focus on what matters most. This pertains to work, family, health, etc. At this point in your year, what should you be focusing on? Sometimes, our goals from January do not fit where our intentions are going just a few months later. In order to clarify what you really want to be doing more of, less of, and what goals you want to be focusing on, you should make a more/less list. Split a piece of paper with a line down the middle. On one side, write down what you’d like to be doing more of. On the other, write down what you’d like to be doing less of. See how this matches up with, or veers away from the goals you’ve set for yourself and adjust accordingly. By writing it down you can really step back and take a look at where you're putting your time and energy.

3. Course Correct If Needed: If you've set goals and either ignored, or abandoned them, NOW is the time to course correct. By doing this mid year check-in you can see what needs to change and make an action plan. Whether its woking more hours, working less hours, cleaning up your eating habits, spending more time with your loved ones, or creating more YOU time, NOW is the time to make that change.

4. Look At The Big Picture, And The Small Details: Sure, we can dream big this year and create lofty goals for ourselves, but if we don't look at the small details that need to be addressed every day in order to reach those goals we are just sinking ships. I dare you to set a goal/deadline and work in reverse. Sounds nuts, I know...Just hear me out on this one. If we set a goal for 6 months, a year, 5 years from now, it can be a bit overwhelming when we think about how to actually get there. If you take the goal/deadline and map out the stepping stones to get there in reverse you just made an actionable plan that you can break into manageable tasks. Voila!!!

Ok, what are you waiting for? NOW is the time to assess and make changes. Just because the year is half over doesn't mean you can't start goal setting today. Whatever your goals are....what's the saying? "Toss your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap, and HANDLE IT!"


You. Got. This!

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