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Morning Pick Me Up

How do you use your Sundays?

Good morning! Its Sunday morning in the DiMeco house. Of course, I couldn't sleep in, so here I am...working ON my business. Website, blog, weekly numbers...Coffee, laptop, couch, and a sleepy puppy by my side. I LOVE Sundays! Sundays can be anything you want them to be! They can be a day of worship, a day of errands, a day of rest and self care, a day to get outside, a day of catching up on work...or a combo of all these things. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely a combo kind of gal. There's something refreshing and renewing about Sundays. You have a fresh week ahead of you, with tons of possibilities. I'm a firm believer in energy and intention. I know myself well enough to know that I HAVE to be intentional about where I put my energy and what I let in. My energy can dictate my mood, which can dictate my day, which can then dictate my entire week! This is why Sundays are so important to me. I like to take time for myself, get organized for my week, and set my intentions.

Today I will do so by going into the salon and prepping some hair for my two Natural Beaded Rows Extensions installs I have coming in tomorrow. I can't wait to get these girls in my chair! But, in order to be prepared, confident, and ready to create, I HAVE to do the work. If I am scrambling, unorganized, and unprepared I am letting myself and my clients down. I strive to create the best experience possible for my clients, and I'll be damned if I let lack of preparation or effort spoil that.

Like I was saying, Sundays can look all sorts of different ways. The key is to really set your intentions, control your energy, decide what you want YOUR week to look like, put your hair in a fabulous messy bun (we all know they turn out best on Sundays when you're not going anywhere) and get to work!


My goal this week is to try to control my energy in a way that inspires self preservation and motivation. I know this sounds like a load of you know what, but seriously, if I don't really work on my energy it can be affected by the smallest things. I'm a feeler, and for me that means I internalize everything. Stress literally infiltrates my body! So, if I'm not careful, crappy vibes and energy can really wreak havoc on my body and how it functions.

OK, your turn...

What does Sunday look like for you?

What do you do to make sure you have a positive and productive week?

What suggestions to you have for those of us striving for a week we can be proud of?

Comment below, I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Happy Sunday to you all!

~ Jorie

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