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Words from my AMAZING client!

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

OK, I absolutely had to share this!! These thoughts/words from one of my gorgeous clients literally brought me to tears. My client Sarah wanted to share a testimonial on my website...I told her where to go and how to do it. Unfortunately, and fortunately, she had much to much that it wouldn't fit in the allotted space on my page. Instead, I decided to share what she had to say on my blog. I will be forever grateful for the gift I am given to be able to make my clients feel their best. That alone is what I thrive on every single day behind my chair. These are her words....


"Have you ever sat in that chair looking at yourself in the mirror thinking, OMG how am I going to tell her/him I hate it without hurting their feelings? Why did I let them talk me into this? What have I done? I have!! The beauty industry is an amazing & sometimes scary place. It can either build or destroy your self-esteem. So many people think it’s a shallow industry filled with nothing but vanity. But maybe it really is about self-esteem? When you feel bad about yourself, how do you treat others? How do you go about your daily living? How do you tackle challenges presented to you? Most the time when I’m feeling low about myself it shows in every facet of my life. But when you feel great about yourself how do you treat others? How do you go about your daily living? How do you tackle the challenges presented to you? I would gamble to say that most of you behave at a much higher level of positivity. Building self-esteem is not vanity it’s self care. It’s developing yourself to be the best version of you, and that is NEVER a bad thing! I would say I’m a pretty confident person. I know what I believe in, I know what’s important to me, I know what my goals are and I know how to get there. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t lack self-esteem in areas of my life. For years I have struggled with thin & now thinning hair. I have struggled to find styles that represent the professional me as well as the casual me. Unfortunately, I often times feel sloppy & insecure when it comes to my hair. Never quite finished. Now I know my hair doesn’t make me who I am. I know I’m more than my hair, but really if I can improve upon something that hinders my ability to feel comfortable in my own skin, why not? I have spent years in & around the beauty industry. As a business owner I know what I want & I know how people should be treated. At 43 years old, I have had my fair share of experience with a variety of personalities. A few years ago I had an amazing stylist. Oh, she was beautiful, stylish, knowledgeable, and so skilled at what she did. But you know what, she never listened to me. I never felt like she was trying to help me feel successful. When I called to make an appointment I was left feeling like an intruder. Never was she grateful for my business, but I better be grateful for her time. Have you ever worked with someone like that? I’d walk away feeling like “wow I just paid you to make me feel like I was imposing on your day!” No thank you!!! About 3 years ago I was referred to Jorie by a dear friend. I thought, well let’s give it a go, & I’m so glad I did! I have also known some great stylists along the way, but Jorie, this girl truly gives it her all. She has always actively listened to my concerns & contributed to helping me improve on what I already have. We’ve tried every cut & color we possibly could to give me volume & style. She has helped me figure out what I was trying to accomplish. She always took the time to talk to me, explain how it would work with my hair type, explain why she thought or didn’t think it was a good idea. But ultimately no matter what we did it was always after much discussion & major listening on her part. Jorie’s constant improvement of her craft alone says so much about her integrity; but her ability to meet her clients where they are, making them feel valued that is something to admire.

Two weeks ago Jorie put beautiful extensions in my hair. Now, I have been wanting extensions for over 10 years & I have been whining to Jorie about them for at least 3 of those years. But this is were Jorie stands above the crowd. She basically told me no. Not due to her inability to put the extensions in but more because the type of extensions available at the time would damage my hair. She saw past the additional income extensions would give her & put her focus on what was best for me. ME! After learning about a new style of extensions, trying them on herself & confirming they were in fact not damaging to her clients hair we agreed it was time!!! OMG I’m so glad she cared enough about be to encourage me to wait! I LOVE my extensions. My experience has been amazing. Not only do they look fabulous, they feel great. There is no pain, no pulling, no damage or breakage to my natural hair.

Jorie as always goes above & beyond, every question I have she answers with care and patience for my learning curve. I never feel or have ever felt like an intruder. However, I do feel well groomed & poised, and I just feel pretty!!! I love everything about them & I love that I have finally found a stylist that loves what she does with enough dedication to always improve her craft & honor her clients.

Thank you Jorie for truly caring & always giving your BEST! If you have ever been curious or you’re ready for a change, don’t hesitate to talk to Jorie. I promise together you will be able to determine what is best for you! Blessings to all ~ Sarah"


A million thanks to you Sarah! You have made my entire year! YOU are the reason I love my job so much. Hearing feedback like this makes me want to work even harder to live up to your words.

This was a beautiful start to my week! I know I talk about setting intentions for your week....about being intentional about your energy and your focus. Words like this help! Positive affirmation does wonders....for ourselves and OTHERS. My plan is to practice this. Practice giving positive affirmation to myself and OTHERS.

Hopes for an awesome week to you all!

~ Jorie

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